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3 Tipsy Tips to Planning the Best Wine Tour

The US wine market is worth around $88 billion; it's safe to say that American's love wine. If you're looking to bring some new flavor to your wine evenings, you might be considering a wine tour. A wine tour is a great adult activity, whether it's a work Christmas outing or time to impress potential clients. [...]

5 Reasons to Use a Luxury Car Service

There's a lot of rushing around in today's world and a lot of transportation services that can get you from Point A to Point B. So does it really matter which one you choose? Actually, it matters very much. Granted, general transportation services may be indistinguishable from one another. But a luxury car service is superior [...]

Safe Travels: Safest Transportation During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic seemed to put the world on hold. Commercial air travel declined by 48-60% and transit riding went down by 63-86%. But essential businesses and work travel couldn't stop altogether. The pandemic may continue and change every day, but you still need to get on your way. So how can you get to where you need to be while [...]

CDC Recommendations: Proactive Protection for Safe Travel

Nearly 180 million people worldwide have been infected with the COVID-19 virus. CDC recommendations have been changing as multiple vaccines have become available. Yet we remain proactive in our commitment to protecting our clients from COVID-19.   When you use our car service, take comfort in knowing we are doing our utmost to provide you [...]

The Benefits of Using Private Airport Transport

Are you looking to fly somewhere soon? If so, you should consider using private airport transportation for its huge benefits. Traveling to the airport can be a major hassle, especially if you're riding on public transport with heavy luggage. It's easy to get delayed or lost, and you'll most likely arrive feeling stressed. Plus, it [...]

Here’s Why a Luxurious Wine Tasting Tour Should Be Your Next Weekend Getaway

Narrowing down what you like or what you don't like about wine is complex and perplexing. If you don't know that much about it, it can be hard to not play a complete guessing game every time you order a wine you haven't tried before.  Are you a big fan of different types of wine, [...]

Preventative Actions Luxury Car Services Are Taking During COVID

As people continue to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the same way all of our drivers have, they are slowly returning to their typical routines. To prevent further spreading of the virus, we continue to take special precautions and be proactive. After all, the safety of our partners and passengers is our number one priority.  Are you looking for chauffeur limousine [...]

How We’re Looking Out for Your Safety During COVID-19

As of mid-January 2021, the coronavirus has claimed over 2 million deaths around the world. When this pandemic first reared its head a year ago, very few of us expected it to last for so long. Unfortunately, it seems like this virus is here to stay, which means we all must do our part in [...]

Find Out How We Are Protecting You and Your Driver during COVID-19

Do you need limo service, but fear for your safety? We can provide you a comfortable ride without worry. With over 11 million diagnosed Coronavirus cases in the United States, we decided to take every precaution necessary to protect everybody. Read on to learn the specifics on how we plan to keep our drivers and [...]

Safety Measures RDV Limousine Drivers Take to Protect Passengers From COVID-19

Traveling during the pandemic has not only become complicated but also a cause of concern for many. For this very reason, we at RDV Limousine are proud to inform all our clients that we take extremely seriously the health and welfare of our passengers. The implementation of these measures has taken place since the very beginning [...]