The COVID-19 pandemic seemed to put the world on hold. Commercial air travel declined by 48-60% and transit riding went down by 63-86%. But essential businesses and work travel couldn’t stop altogether. The pandemic may continue and change every day, but you still need to get on your way.

So how can you get to where you need to be while keeping yourself and others around you safe from the spread of COVID-19? What is the safest transportation you can take during the pandemic?

Keep reading for our guide on the safest ways to travel during COVID-19. And we’ll give insight into a transit option you may not have thought of before.

Safest Transportation Methods

During the pandemic, the name of the game is social distancing. So look to solitary methods of transportation. Walking or biking outdoors while maintaining a distance of six feet from others is a low risk activity. 

But what if you need to travel or commute long-distance? Your next best option is driving alone in a car. Make sure to ensure passenger safety by frequently disinfecting your hands and the surfaces of the car each time you enter your vehicle.

Modes of Transportation to Avoid

Public transportation such as buses, subway cars, and trains become hotspots for germ spreading. Tight quarters combined with a high volume and traffic of people don’t bode well for your safety from COVID-19. If forced to use public transportation, avoid crowded quarters, wear a mask and follow all CDC recommendations.

Air travel can also be risky. But, keep in mind that air circulation on airplanes makes for a low risk of transmission. Follow all precautions and mandates set by the airline to ensure your flight experience is a safe one.

Try A Safe Luxury Car Service

Whether you need to get across town or make it to the airport, a private car service is a good way to go. You’ll travel in style and comfort with chauffered service, and it may also be the safest way to travel during COVID-19.

Not only will you protect yourself by using a low-risk method of travel, but you are also in control from beginning to end. Public transportation can break down and make frequent stops, which can delay your arrival time. With a private car service, you say when the driver comes to pick you up and when you need to arrive at your destination.

COVID-19 Prevention Techniques When Traveling

As always, follow every precaution set by the CDC and your local guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. Your method of transportation may also have specific rules to follow as well to keep you safe. 

When taking a safe luxury car service, you can ensure the risk is low. At R.D.V. Limousine, we clean objects and surfaces in our vehicles often, and the passenger area is frequently disinfected. This includes seats, door handles, the headrest, the rear of the front seat, armrests, and consoles. 

Safe Travels Are Possible

Without a doubt, the safest transportation you can take is a private car service. Our chauffers ensure minimal contact and provide necessities such as hand sanitizer. Whether you’re looking for a chauffered limousine or a private shuttle bus, we have it!

We hope by using our guide you can make informed decisions about your safe travels. Contact us today to learn more about our limousine service. See you on the road!