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CDC Recommendations: Proactive Protection for Safe Travel

cdc recommendations

CDC Recommendations: Proactive Protection for Safe Travel

Nearly 180 million people worldwide have been infected with the COVID-19 virus. CDC recommendations have been changing as multiple vaccines have become available. Yet we remain proactive in our commitment to protecting our clients from COVID-19.

When you use our car service, take comfort in knowing we are doing our utmost to provide you with a safe, clean ride. Find out what we’re doing below and what you can do to follow the current CDC recommendations.

Maintaining Cleanliness

We are continuing to clean our vehicles between rides and during all stops. Using unscented, CDC recommended disinfectants, all vehicle surfaces are wiped down regularly.

Drivers will clean and disinfect everything that comes into contact with passengers. This includes door handles, buttons, seat cushions, seat belts, and paneling.

Drivers will apply cleaning spray to headrests, the back of the front seats, arms rests, and consoles. As a passenger, you can ask at any time to see the kinds of antibacterial cleaners that they used.

Offering Sanitization

All our chauffeurs will have hand sanitizer available for your use in their vehicle. This may be their own, larger bottle. Or, they may offer you a smaller bottle for personal use.

To limit the potential spread of COVID-19, no extra materials will be kept in our vehicles. This includes books, magazines, snacks, and bottles of water or alcohol. Please note that you may still request these items if you desire.

Finally, chauffeurs will limit their physical contact with you unless you initiate. For example, they may open your door but not shake your hand. If you prefer, you may still invite a handshake.

Safety First

To further ensure our passengers’ safety, our drivers have received the COVID-19 vaccine. This makes it highly unlikely that they will transmit or receive the COVID-19 virus.

However, we ask our drivers to find a replacement if they show symptoms of COVID-19 within 48 hours of a drive. We do ask that if you are feeling symptoms of the virus, you reach out to us to inquire about your options.

What You Can Do

The CDC suggests first and foremost that you get a COVID-19 vaccine if you haven’t already. CDC face mask recommendations are still in place for those who aren’t vaccinated. It’s encouraged that those individuals maintain social distancing until vaccination.

If you’re traveling by air, using a private airport transport may be safer than public transit. Follow CDC testing recommendations before you travel, in accordance with CDC travel recommendations. This may include getting tested within 72 hours of your flight and again upon arrival.

If you’re traveling abroad, be sure to check with that country’s guidelines as well.

Following CDC Recommendations

Complying with CDC recommendations is the best way to continue to curb the spread of COVID-19. Cleanliness and safety remain our top priorities as we continue providing services for our clients.

If you have received a COVID-19 vaccine, let us know at the time of your booking. If not, don’t worry. We will do our best to make sure you have a safe and easy trip.

If you’d like more information about our limousine services, click here.

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