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How We’re Keeping You Safe When You Need the Best Luxury Car Service in the DC Area

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How We’re Keeping You Safe When You Need the Best Luxury Car Service in the DC Area

As COVID-19 cases continue to steadily climb across the DC region, the limo service industry has taken extraordinary measures to keep passengers safe.

Many of our clients still need to travel safely across the city and beyond for work, and they know that getting a standard taxi poses a health risk.

By hiring a luxury car service, you are paying for the knowledge that your driver has gone above and beyond to ensure the absolute safety of all passengers, with no expense or effort spared.

If you want to know more about how R.D.V Limousine is keeping passengers safe during these unprecedented times, read on to find out.

1. Total Sanitization Between Every Single Ride

As a busy lifestyle limousine company, we are accustomed to receiving a steady stream of discerning passengers throughout the day.

However, we still make sure to apply a rigorous disinfecting process between every single ride.

Before any passenger enters one of our luxury limousines, our team uses alcohol and disinfectant spray to wipe down every area that was or could have been touched by another person.

The seats, consoles, armrests, windows, and door handles are all fully disinfected, to ensure a safer journey.

2. A Transparent Approach to Safety

We know that our clients don’t take anything at face value, which is why we strive to build trust with them every step of the way.

Before entering one of our luxury vehicles, you have the option to have the driver talk you through the disinfecting and vehicle prep process that took place prior to our arrival.

Our driver will show you all of the disinfectant tools and materials used so that it can be rest assured that you have a clean limo ride ahead.

3. Removing Any Potential Dangers

Riding a limo corona-free means more than just a disinfected vehicle. We have also taken the extraordinary measures of removing anything from the car that could potentially carry the virus, as per CDC guidelines.

We have removed all reading materials and other paper items from our cars completely.

Reading materials may only be provided at the request of a client prior to a journey. By doing this, we are enhancing the safety of all of our rides.

4. Proactive Responses to Our Drivers’ Health

Keeping our drivers safe is a top priority for us, especially since doing so helps to keep our discerning clientele safe.

As per prevailing corona limo driver advice, we ensure that our drivers enter self-isolation immediately upon feeling any symptoms, no matter how faint.

You can rest assured that none of our drivers will be working if there is even a remote possibility that they might be unwell.

5. Passenger Safety at the Forefront

At R.D.V Limousine, we take every possible precaution when it comes to keeping passengers safe. You will find that all of our drivers a fully equipped with medical face masks.

In addition, we have revised our codes of conduct to ensure that passengers will not come into physical contact with a driver at any point, which means no hand-shakes.

Drivers will avoid handling money at any point, directing passengers to use the card reader in the back of the limo. If this option is not available, gloves will be used.

Hire Your Luxury Car Service Today

Now that you know exactly how we are keeping you safe, it’s time to hire DC’s premier luxury car service today. No matter what your journey might be, don’t hesitate to get in touch with R.D.V Limousine today.

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