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How the Best Limo Drivers Protect Their Passengers During a Pandemic

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How the Best Limo Drivers Protect Their Passengers During a Pandemic

Even in the time of a pandemic, you sometimes need to use limo drivers to move from one location to another. The number of people using limo services may be down, but that doesn’t mean it has stopped completely.

If you are thinking about using a limo driver, there are some important things you need to know about what they are doing to keep their passengers safe.

To help you understand how the best limo drivers protect their passengers, we’ve put together this guide. Read on to learn what you need to do.

If They Feel Sick, They Stay Home

The most important thing drivers do to protect their passengers during this time is to stay at home if they feel sick. This step is the most effective way to avoid spreading coronavirus to others.

If drivers have any coughing, sneezing, fever, headache, sore throat, or just don’t feel that well, they stay at home.

Limo Drivers and Personal Sanitization

If drivers do not exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19, they still ensure they make their limo as welcoming to their passengers as possible. The best limo drivers avoid coughing or sneezing as much as they can. They do this so that passengers will feel more comfortable during their ride.

Drivers always wash their hands before starting a new trip. They also wash their hands between any rides. They have been given instructions to use a hand sanitizer in the car if they are unable to get to a sink and soap.

Another thing good limo drivers do when passengers are in the vehicle is to avoid touching their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Sanitize Your Vehicle

To help reduce the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus, drivers sanitize their luxury limo at least every day.

They use CDC-approved standard cleaning or disinfecting products. Clorox, Purell, peroxide, and multi-purpose surface cleaners are all effective.

Limo drivers wipe down door handles, armrests, seatbelts, seat surfaces, and touchscreens. If a passenger can touch it or sit on it, your limo driver will disinfect it. These surfaces are wiped down between each ride to ensure a clean vehicle.

When drivers are cleaning the limo they wear disposable gloves. They throw the gloves away after using them.

Good Limo Drivers Help Their Passengers Feel Safe

All of the above is aimed at helping passengers feel safe. There are more things limo drivers are doing to make their limos as safe as possible.

They won’t shake hands with riders. Instead, they will offer a friendly and professional verbal greeting. After all, there’s less chance of spreading any virus that way.

Drivers won’t exchange business cards. If you want to contact your driver, he or she will provide the contact number verbally so you can write it down or enter it into your phone.

Drivers will wear a face mask while greeting passengers. If possible, they will continue to wear the mask while driving.

They will ask you to sit as far to the back of the limo as possible. This will help with social distancing.

Good limo drivers will open the door for passengers before the passenger gets to close to the vehicle. They will then step back rather than holding the door. Drivers will let passengers get fully into the limo before closing the door.

Drivers have been told to avoid handling money or credit cards if they can. If there is no card reader in the back of the limo for payment, the driver will put on disposable gloves when taking and returning your card. They will throw the gloves away after using them.

Every limo should have hand sanitizer and tissues for customers. You won’t find any reading material in the back of limos during these times.

Passengers should be able to read how the driver is helping protect them. This information should be easily readable in the back of the limo.

Although COVID-19 is not known to transmit through the air, limo drivers might consider using the non-recirculated ventilation option while driving.

Protect Yourself and Your Passengers

Limo drivers who follow these guidelines will protect themselves and their passengers. As a passenger in a limo, you should be able to see the steps being taken to make you as safe as possible.

We want passengers and limo drivers to feel safe when riding together. People do still need to move around. Drivers who follow these guidelines will help passengers ride safely without contracting or spreading the virus.

For more useful information about limo services and limo drivers and the coronavirus, or anything else to do with hiring and using limo services, visit our blog today.

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