Wine has been around for 9,000 years, roughly when the earliest cities first started developing. Alcohol has become a gigantic industry since then, and wine has carved out its own niche in the market. It’s become trendy to take tours of vineyards and wineries, and that’s a good thing because it truly is a fascinating industry. Some of the best wineries out there are in the great state of Virginia. Which Virginia wineries tour should you go on, though? Are there any wineries in Virginia that stand out from the others? Read on to learn about a few of them.

1. Afton Mountain Vineyards

The first Virginia wineries tour destination on our list is Afton Mountain Vineyards. What’s so special about Afton Mountain Vineyards?

One of its biggest advantages is that it’s breathtaking. It’s a great place to go for a view of the mountain for which it’s named.

It’s also one of the oldest wineries in the area, and it got that way by taking a hands-off approach to its wine. The owners try to interfere as little as possible to preserve the natural taste.

If there’s any downside, it’s that tour buses don’t go here, so you might be better off taking a limo. Don’t worry about COVID, either, because drivers are taking precautions.

2. Veritas Vineyard and Winery

Another winery that’s nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains is Veritas Vineyard and Winery. Veritas is the Latin word for ‘truth,’ and the name really works in this case.

Veritas Farms is a labor of love and soon became a family business. Unlike Afton Mountain Vineyards, Veritas eagerly embraces technology in its wine-making process.

They also have a restaurant so visitors can enjoy a meal with their wine. Keep in mind that you may have to make reservations.

You can bring dogs into the vineyard, so you’re all set if you like to travel with your furry friends. The only restrictions are that they must be on a leash, can’t go into the tasting room, and you have to pick up after them.

3. Boxwood Winery

Named after and built on the grounds of a landmark, Boxwood winery is named after Boxwood Estate, which is one of the oldest farms in the area.

While this winery makes many different vintages, they’re best known for their red wines, which are inspired by those in Bordeaux, France. The types of grapes they use are actually green-lit by the French government. This is definitely a ringing endorsement.

Where to Go on a Virginia Wineries Tour

You have many different options when you go on a Virginia wineries tour. We’ve mentioned some of our favorites in this article, but we’ve only scratched the surface. We encourage you to do more research on your own.

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