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What Makes a Great Limousine Driver: The Ultimate Guide

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What Makes a Great Limousine Driver: The Ultimate Guide

It’s your big night, and you want to make it extra special by renting a limo along with a limousine driver!

The problem is that most companies are small, with maybe five limos. So, you want to be picky about the driver because the wrong one could ruin the night.

Read on to learn what that driver needs to be to make this experience incredible.

They’re On Time, Every Time

If the occasion calls for a limo, then the occasion calls for punctuality. A great limo driver will show this by not just being on time but oftentimes, by being early. This is because the best drivers have good time management.

They’ve taken into account the distance, the time of day and traffic, even how they’re dropping you off. They also take into account potential emergencies. By allowing time for them, they can ensure you aren’t late.

The best chauffeur will always be more than punctual so that you always are as well.

Knowledge of the Area

A great luxury driver will also have true, real knowledge of the area. Of course, this could hand-to-hand with their punctuality. But it’s more than knowing the street names and common detour routes.

It’s knowing the local landmarks and businesses. It’s knowing where to go for shelter during weather emergencies. It’s also knowing the quicker routes to the nearest hospitals.

A great personal driver will be able to share with you about the real local culture. They’ll be able to give you recommendations and be able to suggest who might help you if you’re having a problem.

The great ones know more about the area than just the local routes and can guide you through them just as well. This way you get personal recommendations with your personal driver.

Good Hygiene and Car Maintenance

Your private driver will have to practice good hygiene on both his person and his vehicle. It’s not just the surface areas either they wipe down either. It’s the door handles, the belt clips, even the buckets for ice.

And during the pandemic, they have to do this constantly – and not just with the vehicle. A great driver will have to practice healthy hygiene throughout their shifts.

Once the limo is healthy for its passengers, the engine then needs to be healthy itself. So, a great personal driver will have basic car maintenance knowledge.

Some companies will have their own mechanics on the payroll. But the great chauffeurs will also know basic mechanics. This is because the majority of hiccups in the field are easy fixes they learn to do themselves.

A great limousine company will service all their vehicles often. So, if something goes wrong, it’s probably simple. Your luxury driver can take care of it and get you back on the road.


Finally, what makes a great limo driver is how personable they are.

If you’re renting a limo, something great is happening. A great driver will share this experience with you. They will do whatever they can to help make it one of the greatest events in your life.

A chauffeur doesn’t have to be a nameless, faceless driver. If given the chance, great chauffeurs will help make it a night to remember.

This is What Makes a Great Limousine Driver

This is your night, and renting a limo can make it even more special. So, you get to be picky, and picking the greatest limousine driver is as easy as one-click…

Contact us today and ask for the best driver for your needs!

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