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Safety Measures RDV Limousine Drivers Take to Protect Passengers From COVID-19

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Safety Measures RDV Limousine Drivers Take to Protect Passengers From COVID-19

Traveling during the pandemic has not only become complicated but also a cause of concern for many. For this very reason, we at RDV Limousine are proud to inform all our clients that we take extremely seriously the health and welfare of our passengers.

The implementation of these measures has taken place since the very beginning of the recent outbreak. Everyone within the whole organization, from the switchboard to our drivers, all are aware of our safety measures. This way you can be assured that when you travel with us, you will not enjoy a high-quality service but most importantly we protect your health.

So what exactly are the precautions that RDV Limousine put into place? Keep reading to find out.

Safety Measures Taken by RDV Limousine

RDV Limousine follows strictly the guidelines outlines provided by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This means that our drivers complete the below measures throughout the entire fleet.

Active Preventative Measures

RDV Limousine drivers are under strict instructions not to work should they know that they have come into contact with COVID-19. Going one step further we make sure that all drivers know that they are to avoid contact with any that display symptoms of sickness.

We instruct our chauffeurs to wash their hands consistently throughout the day as well as making good use of hand sanitizer. Our drivers also use face masks, a vital tool in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, please be aware that any drivers that display even the mildest of symptoms up to 48 hours before their shifts have been instructed to stay home.

To avoid cross-contamination, we have decided to remove any magazines and newspapers from our vehicles unless specifically requested. This is keeping in line with the recommendations from the CDC.

On top of that before each journey, as well as in between stops, our chauffeurs will be sure not only to clean but also to disinfect their vehicles. It should be clear from the above that we take seriously our responsibility to ensure you have the safest journey possible.

As these steps are taken before you even step foot into one of our vehicles, the question is: What can our clients expect when they meet one of our esteemed chauffeurs?

Steps Taken During Your Journey

To minimize any potential risks, we require all passengers to sit in the back seat, providing distance between you and the driver.

We are confident that making clients feel secure enables them to relax and enjoy our service. For this reason upon entering, you will be asked if you wish to know about the cleaning procedure and products used by our chauffeurs.

You will be happy to know that hand sanitizer is available in our vehicles should you wish to use it.

United in the Use of Safety Measures to Combat Coronavirus

Using a chauffeur service during the pandemic need not be a cause for concern for those who know that they are being looked after by their transport provider.

As you can see by our safety measures, the number one priority for RDV Limousines is customer safety. So be assured that whatever the reason for your journey, leisure or business our fleet of vehicles is ready to take you to wherever you need to go.

To take full advantage of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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