The holiday season is right around the corner. When most think of the holidays, they have visions of sugar plums and see stockings hung on the chimney with care. Others are looking forward to the partyingafter all, 30% of Americans plan to host holiday gatherings, which can come with some delicious holiday cocktails.

Even though this is the most wonderful time of the year, you’ll think differently if you get a DUI due to drinking and driving. Don’t worry, a limo service is there to help you and your loved ones get from point A to point B. Here’s why.

Designated Driver

Even though young people are more at risk of getting a DUI, nearly every age group gets arrested for drunk driving every year. Since the holidays bring people together, everyone from your cousin to your grandpa will drink eggnog cocktails.

Before attending your annual family holiday dinner, have a ride prepared. A limo service can assign you a high-quality personal driver, ensuring everyone is safe on the road.

Holiday Office Parties

After a busy year, you and your staff are ready to have fun. Why settle for the typical office party when you can ring in the holiday season in luxury? Your business may want to book or attend a lavish event, giving your employees the experience of a lifetime.

But if everyone is drinking, the last thing you want is for your staff members to drive while intoxicated. After all, you don’t want the risk getting DUIs or causing car accidents to fall on your shoulders.

In order to book the most exquisite holiday party experience, you’ll need the best quality transportation. This is where a corporate limo service comes in. A professional limo service can arrive on time, bring their most luxurious vehicle, and the drivers can provide the best care to you and your staff. Plus, your staff won’t be drinking and driving, ensuring everyone is safe.

Wine Tours

Do you have a different holiday vacation in mind? If you’re based in or vacationing in Maryland or Virginia, you can embark on a wine tour. Both states offer countless wineries, resulting in an unforgettable experience. Wine tours also make excellent giftsand why wait until after the holidays to try some exquisite wine?

If you’re unsure about transportation, this is where we come in. You can relax in our luxury vehicles and ride safely with experienced chauffeurs. We offer various plans that work with your needs and budget.

Drinking and Driving Is a Bad Choice This Holiday Season

From holiday gatherings to end-of-the-year office parties,¬†there are more plans to consume alcohol during this time of the year. There’s no reason to be drinking and driving and the last thing you need is a DUI. Our limo service can ease your stress and keep you off the road, especially if you’re consuming alcohol.

We offer multiple services, from hourly charters to personal chauffeurs. We also offer specialized services, such as corporate travel and wine tours. Our limo service operates in D.C. and multiple cities in Virginia and Maryland. Book your ride today.