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Find Out How We Are Protecting You and Your Driver during COVID-19

Safe During COVID-19

Find Out How We Are Protecting You and Your Driver during COVID-19

Do you need limo service, but fear for your safety? We can provide you a comfortable ride without worry.

With over 11 million diagnosed Coronavirus cases in the United States, we decided to take every precaution necessary to protect everybody. Read on to learn the specifics on how we plan to keep our drivers and passengers safe during COVID-19.

Keeping Sick Drivers Home

We expect our chauffeurs to arrive ahead of schedule and perform their duties in a professional manner that provides you with the best luxury car service experience – but we do not allow them to put anybody’s health at risk while doing so.

Our drivers may not come to work sick. If they do fall ill, they must wait 48 hours after their cough and/or fever end before returning to work.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

The Coronavirus may contaminate surface areas where droplets from infected people coughing and sneezing land. So, we make sure that each client steps into a clean and sanitized vehicle.

Before a new passenger enters the vehicle, the entire area gets wiped down with disinfecting wipes. We use non-scented wipes to prevent bothersome aromas or irritations.

We also wipe down the passenger area at each and every stop. So, you always come back into a clean vehicle.

Encouraging Hand Health

We encourage everybody to wash their hands regularly prior to entering our vehicles to go along with CDC recommendations. This helps keep people from spreading or receiving COVID-19 and many other illnesses.

Our chauffeurs will also keep hand sanitizer available for passengers to use as they see fit. Studies show that sanitizers with at least a 40% alcohol content will kill the virus along with a number of other harmful germs.

Minimizing Personal Contact

We want our passengers to feel welcomed with our car service, but we do not want to make them feel uncomfortable or at risk.

So, we encourage our drivers not to shake hands unless initiated by the passenger. To minimize second-hand contact, we also ask our drivers to remove any reading material from the vehicle. If you want to read, you may make a special request for something to read.

Promoting Safe Practices

We will do everything possible on our end to stop the spread of COVID-19 & other germs and keep our rides safe – but we need your help in making our efforts count.

Please practice washing your hands regularly, especially after using the bathroom or blowing your nose. Please use the hand sanitizer we provide if you need to clean your hands during the ride.

Coughs and sneezes can happen even when you do not feel sick. So, please carry them out into a tissue and dispose of it in the trash immediartely.

Ride Safe During COVID-19

We understand that you still have important places to go during this pandemic. We’ve taken measures to keep your ride safe during COVID-19.

Weather you need airport service, a chauffer for something special, or private aviation, you can may your way with without worry. Contact us to book your service today.

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