Whether you’re visiting DC for business or pleasure, you need to be able to get around. How will you decide to travel between destinations? Some people prefer the do-it-yourself route of driving around DC. While others want a Washington DC Limo Service company, like RDV Limo, to take care of all the details for them.

There are many different factors to consider including cost, convenience, and safety. We wrote this list of five things to consider to help you decide whether to go the rental or chauffeur route.

1. Cost

The first thing anyone notices is the cost difference. Renting a car may seem cheaper at first, but you have to look at the entire cost.

When renting a car you also have to pay for insurance per day, fork over money for gas, and, also pay for parking. Add that to the rest of your trip expenses, and that can add up to a lot more than you expected.

When hiring a limo service, however, you don’t have to worry about those extra costs, because it’s included. We take care of insurance, gas, parking, and other vehicle expenses.

In the end the costs can be comparable. You may want to get an estimate for each before you decide, though.

2. Convenience

Washington DC limo service driver and passengerIn terms of convenience, you can’t beat having a chauffeur and car to take you wherever you want to go. It certainly beats trying to fight through traffic yourself!

Travel can also be exhausting. Why put yourself through the hassle of fighting through traffic, finding parking, planning for rest stops, and making sure you have enough gas? Enjoy your trip more by hiring a chauffeur service that knows their stuff.

3. Luxury

Sometimes cost isn’t a factor. In that case, you want to consider luxury and comfort. While you can get a nice rental car, there’s nothing like the luxury riding in a limousine offers. It’s swanky, comfortable, and has a ton of amenities to make you feel like a king (or queen) as you ride around in style.

4. Planning

Having a vehicle that you can just hop in and drive whenever the whim takes you, can seem like less of a hassle in the planning department. After all, that’s what spontaneity is all about, right? What if you get stuck in traffic and miss an event, though, or waste time driving around looking for parking when you could have been enjoying a fabulous meal? Using RDV Limo, a Washington DC limo service, can make your trip more enjoyable by providing a driver that can take you anywhere you want to go at a moment’s notice!

5. Safety

Driving around an unknown city can also be dangerous, especially if you’re not used to the city’s driving personality. For instance cars in some cities pack themselves in like sardines while still trying to maintain a speed of 70 miles per hour on the highway. Driving around in conditions like that can seem daunting at best.

When you hire a limousine service, however, you are hiring someone who drives for a living. They will know the best routes to take to avoid traffic, and how to drive when there is traffic.

A reputable limousine company will also take into account other safety concerns, such as where you are going and what to do in the event something threatening happens.

Interested in Hiring a Washington DC Limo Service?

If you’re interested in hiring a Washington DC Limo Service and want to know what’s included, give us a call at: (202) 528-5233. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, or walk you through the process.