When traveling in Washington, DC, it is essential to have an affordable, reliable mode of transportation.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of transportation available in order to see which is right for you and your budget.

Cheapest Ways to Travel in DC

Washington, DC has no shortage of transportation options. However, if you have important business obligations and need to arrive at your destination on time, then you need reliable transportation.

Riding the Metro

The Metro is one way of saving money on traveling around Washington, DC. This affordable method of transportation will get you to your destination without breaking the bank.

SmarTrip cards for the Metro save you money, cutting your overall travel expenses even further. It also saves you time as it can be scanned with a simple wave of your hand, getting you to your destination even faster.

Another benefit to the Metro is that the trains often run minutes behind one another. If one arrives packed with people, wait for the next one which may be only minutes behind.

DC Circulator

Another popular, cheap way to travel around DC is by riding the DC Circulator. It focuses on six routes, and if those routes are where you need to go, then it is a free option to consider.

Some of the areas the DC Circulator picks up and drops off at are the National Mall Route, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, and Georgetown. Other neighborhoods are Woodley Park, U Street, and Capitol Hill.

Another added bonus is that if you miss a bus, another one will be around in ten minutes. This free means of transportation can save you time and money, making it a great choice.

Capital Bikeshare

If you enjoy bicycling and the weather permits, then take part in DCs bike-share program. There are 4,300 bikes city-wide, and a day pass is only $8.

If each trip you take is over 30 minutes then a $2 fee applies, still making this a very affordable option. Exercise is an added bonus if you’re looking to multitask when traveling in DC.

There are over 350 stations that range from DC, Virginia and Maryland, so finding a bike won’t be difficult. As an alternative to biking, you could walk from destination to destination when possible, saving the most money of all.

Water Taxi

If you’re traveling between Georgetown, the Wharf, and Old Town Alexandria, then consider taking the Water Taxi. It starts at $10 per trip and is a great way to travel through Washington, DC while saving money and taking in the sights.

While there are many ways to travel on a budget, car services are by far the most reliable.

Car Services: Safe, Reliable Transportation

Car services are among the most reliable of all the services. What many people don’t realize is that ride-sharing services aren’t state-licensed, which means your driver isn’t screened and the vehicles aren’t inspected.

If you need safe, reliable transportation around DC, then choose one of these popular car services in DC.  Chauffeurs know the area inside and out, taking the stress out of traveling. Chauffeurs arrive early, assist you with your baggage and ensure safe passage to your destinations.

Contact us and explore the many ways we can assist you while traveling around DC. Our safe, reliable services are a stress-free way of traveling.