You’re a busy professional who wants the best out of their chauffeur service. You want to know that you will arrive to your destination on time safely while you relax or try to get more work done. However, not every chauffeur service in Washington DC is created equal. We’ve outlined five things to expect from a professional chauffeur service.


First, you should expect professionalism. If a service is going to be called “professional” you should expect the staff to be so as well. Not arriving at the time and place that were specified is a dead giveaway that the service is not as professional as they say they are. Also, the way your chauffeur greets you and handles your baggage should be above reproach. Your chauffeur should take pride in the way they dress and act. You’ll be able to tell the difference if they don’t.


Their driving should also be professional. You don’t want someone who weaves in and out of traffic just to get there faster, if it means that you might be in accident. Your driver should know how to drive in or avoid traffic while still getting you to your destination on time. They should know the area well and be able to change their course if needed as traffic problems arise.


In addition to driving safely, a professional chauffeur service in Washington DC will train their employees in personal safety. They will know how to handle dangerous or hazardous situations. Your chauffeur should be trained how drive defensively and handle any problems if they come up. Likewise, the company should also have safety standards for training and vehicle records. If they refuse to disclose these, then you should consider that a red flag.


The vehicles of a professional chauffeur service should have exemplary records as well as be clean and up-to-date. You want a car that adds to the experience of being chauffeured around. Later model luxury vehicles are a standard of the industry for a reason. Ask the company about their models and their features before you ride in one.


Comparing prices between two companies can sure help you save money, but you may be getting more than you bargained for with that discount chauffeur service. The most important thing to consider when looking at the cost of hiring a professional chauffeur service in Washington, DC is to make sure that they have a reputation for being safe, dependable, and professional. Any chauffeur service which gives you a discounted rate, but shows up late, drives dangerously, or even gets pulled over is not a professional chauffeur service.

There are many factors to consider when hiring a professional chauffeur service in Washington, DC, including the quality of the service and their safety record. Make sure you take the time to inspect the service’s fleet and staff. A little bit of time now can spare you a headache later.