COVID-19 has changed life as we known for individuals and businesses alike.

Besides the threat of the virus itself, small businesses are also facing other trouble.

Keep reading to learn 5 challenges small businesses face today that are likely to have lasting effects on their bottom line.

1. Dropping Sales

Businesses in nearly every industry are seeing a drop in sales as a result of COVID-19. City and state closures are shutting down businesses. Customers are staying indoors and not venturing out even to the stores that remain open.

State and federal support is available to small businesses. But with experts unsure of how long closures could last, many business owners are worried that the aid may be too little, too late.

2. Making Payroll

With fewer sales and closed stores, many small businesses are struggling to make payroll. Many of those that are still able to pay their employees have given them the ability to work remotely. But many are still cutting hours, furloughing workers, and even laying off employees.

For those who have lost their jobs, there are still some options for employment available. Many grocery stores, hospitals, and other essential services are increasing their staff to make up for the increased demand.

3. Fearful Customers

Small businesses that are open still have to get customers through their doors, or at least to their curb.

But fear about the virus, coupled with stay-home orders, is keeping many people at home.

4. Sourcing Struggles

Even essential businesses are facing their own struggles.

A variety of product shortages have come up as a result of the spread of the virus and panic buying.

Besides toilet paper, stores are struggling to stock thermometers, board games, vitamin C, and virtual reality headsets. While most of these aren’t exactly essentials, not having them in stock is costing small businesses sales that could help keep them afloat during these tough times.

5. Getting Employees from Point A to Point B 

Even companies that haven’t had trouble sourcing products and that are still bringing in revenue have struggled to make changes.

For companies that usually send execs, reps, and other employees across the country or around the globe, moving employees safely amid the health crisis has become a challenge.

With airlines cancelling flights and cities and states putting out orders to shelter-in-place, only those who have to travel for essential services are taking to the air. If your employees fall under this category, getting them a flight is only part of the problem.

The next is getting them from the airport to their destination.

Public transportation has largely come to a halt. And with fewer regulations, services like Uber and Lyft aren’t a great choice.

Instead, private transportation from a company that takes the health of its riders and drivers seriously is the only solution.

Meeting the Challenges Small Businesses Face Head On

Thanks to COVID-19, the challenges small businesses face have changed a lot in recent weeks. Where just a few months ago, finding new customers, managing employees, or keeping their marketing strategies current might have been a business’ biggest concerns.

Now, they’re struggling to source products, land sales, transport employees safely, make payroll, and put customers at ease.

While we may not be able to help you boost sales or find products to stock your shelves, we can help you keep your employees safe when they need to travel. Get a free instant quote for limo service today to make sure that your valued employees arrive at their destination safe and healthy.